Sometimes, you need signs, to know that your waiting is worthwhile. That works as motivation, that keeps us going. But when you don not get the signs, then you start wondering that is waiting for that thing or that one person right?

Right now I am so desperate to get one little sign, I wanna know if it’s right or not.

As if, I’ll ask and I’ll get one. I know it doesn’t work that way, but sometimes we with the most illogical thing to happen and pray that it does soon. I am just doing that. I’m only human.


Obsession or Love?

Obsession and love. How do you differentiate between these two things? It happens with everyone, there comes a time when we find someone so comforting that we don’t want to let them go and think about them almost every second of the day. This is the sign of love, when you fall in love with someone’s soul but don’t you think that it is also a sign of obsession.

I kinda have it on someone. I wanna talk to him everyday but as it can’t happen my mind creates weird scenarios and almost makes me insane by overthinking, and even when we do talk, I find myself short of topics. I can’t call this thing love, but rather take it as my obsession from which even I feel like staying away when sanity hits me again after a brief period.

It is true that we can’t define love, nobody can ever do it. But when a person like me who is always aware about my self-respect, behaves in such a way so as the self-respect seems to drown, I call it madness. And also I read a quote which said “Never fall in love with anyone or anything you are obsessed with, remember, love is eternal but obsession dies out too soon.”

Dear me! I wish I overcome whatsoever this thing is.




Good days are coming

I never gave up hope. I failed but I din’t give up. I was even depressed but I emerged from it by continuously telling myself that it will be alright, everything will be fine, and that is what happened. It sure took some time but it did happen, all that was required was some patience, sometimes we don’t get this funda but when the whole process is over then we see and realize that what was happening was for the betterment.

The good and the bad things were a part of a bigger plan, a plan of the universe to take us to the place where we belong, to introduce us to the people who will be important to us. I was helpless for over a year but all it took was three amazing days to bring me back to myself.

I’ll tell you what happened in those three days, so that if you are stressd about something then you can relate and really beleiv that you just need to wait a bit for good times to come.

It was my birthday. I haven’t been talking to anyone and had kept myself deployed of human existence by keep my doors shut and phone on silent, and naturally all my friends stopped trying to contact and just talked to me once in a month, but everyone called on my birthday and I felt happy. That is when I discovered the reason of my sadness, the reason was, I wasn’t talking to anyone. The next day, as I was feeling better, I gathered up all my courage and called my so called ‘best friend'(as we used to call each other 4 years ago) with whom I haven’t been talking because his girlfriend din’t like it and it wasn’t really her fault, we both had and still have feeling for each other. Okay, so I called him and we talked for a good time. I felt even better and felt that I’m now fine.

I wasn’t looking forward to anything when the day other day my result came because of which I had been worried as it was my college’s back exam result and I was sure that I won’t e able to make it, but as you all can guess, I did. I din’t believe my eyes for two minutes but when I did, it was clear to me that this has to be the end of my remorseful time, this was good telling me that ‘Dear, your bad days are over, now you can go and live your life like a normal human being’. LOL.

It was a very hard time for me, something that I can’t explain, but all I wanna say is that if you feel trapped and feel like nothing is going right, everything is out of control, then just wait, have patience, something good is on its way, it’s coming for you. Just beleive and don’t lose hope. hope-1080x675

Don’t let go

We are all in a competition, we all wanna get better. This competition is not between us and some other person but is between us and us. We get tired, we sometimes even announce our defeat. But after sometime it hit us that we were wrong that we are capable of anything that comes our way. We then again move on the same path and try some more. And that my fried how life how.

It’s just about competing what we are doing with what we have done. To make ourselves better, that is a challenge.

I’ve given up a lot of times, cried myself out because of the failure, locked myself and cut out myself from the world. But after taking it out from myself I have stepped in the battlefield once again.

We all do the same thing, not only in the big things but small things too. These things makes us better. All we have to keep in mind it to never let go. Wait, if you want to, rest. But never let go.

Calming Mind

What is the most difficult thing you find? Is it your job? Your management of your bills? or your love life?

To me, it is calming my mind. The world is a happy place until my mind is in my control and until I am giving it orders and not the other way round. The minute it starts rushing with thoughts, which we call ‘overthinking’, I find myself surrendering to it in no time. I stay aware that I have to calm it by pampering it or playing other tricks, but I go in such a state from where it is very hard to come back.

Mind, what a mystical little thing. It makes us happy in no time, without any cause. It makes us sad, even when everything around us is just fine. We are who we are because of our little friend. It forces us to stay awake on some nights, on other it lets us sleep peacefully.

The most difficult thing is to train your mind to listen to yourself even when the situations don’t allow it.

Is our generation stupid?

Let me make myself clear in the very beginning that I’m not telling that you and I are stupid but what I wanna point at is the fact that our younger ones are getting way too smart. And the generation before us, those people are too wisdom-ism. You know? I feel we are stuck in between and have less of everything.

Kids now-a-days know more than we do and I don’t know how. I was so stupid when I was that age.  I didn’t know anything, of-course there was curiosity to find everything but I see a lot of gap now.

And I know it’s not just with me, I talk to my friends and they have similar concerns. We see them speaking over any random topic and it leaves us spellbound by the way they talk.

All of it brings me to the question that is there something wrong with our generation? Where we are not like our parents and not even like our younger ones???

Sunday, what is wrong with you????

It’s Sunday, most of wait for this day eagerly, but when it comes, it ends in the blink of an eye. I got the concept when I was in school and college that this day is not like all other days because it is the day when we have no time limit for anything and may be that’s why we fill ourselves with food to the brim. Honestly, this reason makes me not a big fan of Sunday.

But why now? My all days are same, I work from home, this is not a different day for me now, I must be able to work like I do any other day but Naa-aahhh!

Here I am, my list of work is increasing as each hour passes by but I lay in my bed trying to convince myself that I’ll do it, the day is about to get over. I didn’t even have the time to take shower and I can’t recall of any useful activity that I have done the whole day. Forget about useful, I can’t recall anything that I have done today.

Whatt?? why?? OMG!!

Is there something wrong with day that has been give the name of ‘Sunday’.

May be yes, may be that is why it is kept off everywhere in the world because of the curse that it brings itself (Just kidding), the curse that no one can complete their tasks on Sunday, it is a lazy day and hence shall be lived like one.

I bow down to you Sunday, your powers are great.