Art: Our Salvation

We, humans are really special. Well, it’s not a new fact but when come to thinking, I find that we do some really amazing things. How is it that out of nowhere we give birth to situations that have no possibility of occurring, how is it that we worry about those things day and night. But the good thing is that not only we know how to give rise to problems but also know how to calm the storm going inside our brains.

The solutions are: Poetry, stories, music, dancing. They aren’t just mere hobbies but a way in which we can express ourselves, they make us feel less vulnerable, they keep providing the energy that one needs to carry on with the life, regardless of the situation we are stuck in.

These forms of art become our salvation, they save us, and makes us a better person.  When we are drawn towards them, instead of other materialistic things, it is then the value is added to our lives.


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