The dream

It is a known fact that when you sleep, thinking about something or someone, then it stays in your mind and often takes the form of a dream. These things have happened to me, just like it must have happened with you. But what to interpret when you see a very exciting dream about someone whom you don’t even know.

I fell in love in my dream and I could still recall how I felt it then, it was good. It was a boy, who was a psychiatrist, with great humor, we met randomly while I was travelling in a different city, and in just our first meeting, I knew what it was.

Now, neither I was thinking about love, before going to sleep, nor about  a boy, at least not the one I saw. But it was pretty exciting.

May be deep down, I miss being in love, may be it’s a sign that I’m gonna meet someone new or may be it was nothing. Who knows! Even scientists don’t have any explanation of why we dream what we dream.

For all I wanna remember is that it felt good.


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