A moment of bliss.

Talking to you, just like we used to do it 5 years ago, made me realize that somethings never really change.

It was the same humor, same insults and most importantly same feelings. You still like me like you used to do, I could tell it. I felt so good and loved after a long time. But that had to be it, cause according to the “rule”, we can talk just once in a while and not often.

But the thing that I felt was now working like a drug, but I wanted to feel in some more. I wanted to talk to you more and never want it to stop. When, when will that time come when we will have no conditions. Will it ever come? Or we both have to play pretend forever? I think it will, and I think it will come soon.

Patience is the key and that’s what I’m doing. I don’t want these small moments, I want a lot of time with you. Hope to see you soon in my life.


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