And I burn a little more

I was always a fire, but I was unaware of my powers, then you came n lit me up. No matter how hard I tried to stay away from you, you made your way back to me, until I surrendered completely. It felt unreal, cause that’s how good it was.

Time flew, we stayed together to keep the magic alive but things started going south soon enough for me to realize that you were a moth and were attracted to other flames as well. Now, I was not someone special, but just an ordinary person who couldn’t keep her shit together, not ready to accept the fact that someone who made me feel so good about myself was giving up on me so easily. Not able to understand how this thing works. I was haunted by these question again and again on various nights. Exactly how it works? How someone fall out of love so easily? Was it something that I did? Am I not good enough for a person’s love? They hit me so much so that I started shutting my system, it started first with the death of my vibes, I din’t want to be the successful person I dreamt of becoming before. I din’t want to go out and start my career. And slowly and slowly you killed me.

The answers were nowhere to be found, I guess there is no explanation for these things. I tried to console myself, made a lot of efforts to comprehend this thing but it din’t take me a very little thing to go and reminisce the past that we shared, and after all those efforts, I find myself back in the hole from where it is impossible to come out.

The fire that I had was now not something I admire, it became my enemy. My fire now burned me as well.


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