Black Smelly Cat

Oh! Black cat. What exactly are they feeding you? You’re obviously not their favorite pet. Yes yes I know, these are not my lines. They were spoken by the great Phoebe Buffay.

But can we take out some time and acknowledge her wisdom. To be honest, I am not a superstitious person, but recent events have made be believe that their is somethings about black cats, which brings some, not very good luck.

The small creature has crossed my path too, while I was driving, for a second I thought that may be I should stop then and there but then again I’m a 21st century girl and I din’t stop but carried on and it turned out just fine. It was 6 years ago. And since then, by belief that the cute cat has nothing to do with the bad luck became stronger.

But recently, my parents went on a trip, and on their way back, a black cat crossed their path. While my mother and some other people saw it, the other friends din’t and they continued their journey.

They now faced a very bad time, one after other some thing would happen that would make them worried. Like, a phone got lost in the phone, the break of the car failed and the most big one, my uncle, while he was crossing the road on foot when all of the other members stopped to have tea, met with an accident, my mother swears that he is lucky enough to be alive.

On the same evening, when they were back, they told the story to our neighbors and a long discussion started, everybody started telling their own stories that how they all have seen some bad luck fell upon them when the crossed their paths. The ending was every time the same, they either met with an accident or some other bad thing happens.

So this made me think, what is it about the them that leads the journey’s end to a bad ending.  Should I still love ’em or should I change my path the next they cross it.



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