Obsession or Love?

Obsession and love. How do you differentiate between these two things? It happens with everyone, there comes a time when we find someone so comforting that we don’t want to let them go and think about them almost every second of the day. This is the sign of love, when you fall in love with someone’s soul but don’t you think that it is also a sign of obsession.

I kinda have it on someone. I wanna talk to him everyday but as it can’t happen my mind creates weird scenarios and almost makes me insane by overthinking, and even when we do talk, I find myself short of topics. I can’t call this thing love, but rather take it as my obsession from which even I feel like staying away when sanity hits me again after a brief period.

It is true that we can’t define love, nobody can ever do it. But when a person like me who is always aware about my self-respect, behaves in such a way so as the self-respect seems to drown, I call it madness. And also I read a quote which said “Never fall in love with anyone or anything you are obsessed with, remember, love is eternal but obsession dies out too soon.”

Dear me! I wish I overcome whatsoever this thing is.





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