Don’t let go

We are all in a competition, we all wanna get better. This competition is not between us and some other person but is between us and us. We get tired, we sometimes even announce our defeat. But after sometime it hit us that we were wrong that we are capable of anything that comes our way. We then again move on the same path and try some more. And that my fried how life how.

It’s just about competing what we are doing with what we have done. To make ourselves better, that is a challenge.

I’ve given up a lot of times, cried myself out because of the failure, locked myself and cut out myself from the world. But after taking it out from myself I have stepped in the battlefield once again.

We all do the same thing, not only in the big things but small things too. These things makes us better. All we have to keep in mind it to never let go. Wait, if you want to, rest. But never let go.


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