Calming Mind

What is the most difficult thing you find? Is it your job? Your management of your bills? or your love life?

To me, it is calming my mind. The world is a happy place until my mind is in my control and until I am giving it orders and not the other way round. The minute it starts rushing with thoughts, which we call ‘overthinking’, I find myself surrendering to it in no time. I stay aware that I have to calm it by pampering it or playing other tricks, but I go in such a state from where it is very hard to come back.

Mind, what a mystical little thing. It makes us happy in no time, without any cause. It makes us sad, even when everything around us is just fine. We are who we are because of our little friend. It forces us to stay awake on some nights, on other it lets us sleep peacefully.

The most difficult thing is to train your mind to listen to yourself even when the situations don’t allow it.


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