Is our generation stupid?

Let me make myself clear in the very beginning that I’m not telling that you and I are stupid but what I wanna point at is the fact that our younger ones are getting way too smart. And the generation before us, those people are too wisdom-ism. You know? I feel we are stuck in between and have less of everything.

Kids now-a-days know more than we do and I don’t know how. I was so stupid when I was that age.  I didn’t know anything, of-course there was curiosity to find everything but I see a lot of gap now.

And I know it’s not just with me, I talk to my friends and they have similar concerns. We see them speaking over any random topic and it leaves us spellbound by the way they talk.

All of it brings me to the question that is there something wrong with our generation? Where we are not like our parents and not even like our younger ones???


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