Sunday, what is wrong with you????

It’s Sunday, most of wait for this day eagerly, but when it comes, it ends in the blink of an eye. I got the concept when I was in school and college that this day is not like all other days because it is the day when we have no time limit for anything and may be that’s why we fill ourselves with food to the brim. Honestly, this reason makes me not a big fan of Sunday.

But why now? My all days are same, I work from home, this is not a different day for me now, I must be able to work like I do any other day but Naa-aahhh!

Here I am, my list of work is increasing as each hour passes by but I lay in my bed trying to convince myself that I’ll do it, the day is about to get over. I didn’t even have the time to take shower and I can’t recall of any useful activity that I have done the whole day. Forget about useful, I can’t recall anything that I have done today.

Whatt?? why?? OMG!!

Is there something wrong with day that has been give the name of ‘Sunday’.

May be yes, may be that is why it is kept off everywhere in the world because of the curse that it brings itself (Just kidding), the curse that no one can complete their tasks on Sunday, it is a lazy day and hence shall be lived like one.

I bow down to you Sunday, your powers are great.


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