Is everything fair in love and war

‘Everything is fair in love and war’. Really?

So you believe that people who kill each other in a fight and the one side lovers who make life miserable of the ones they love is fair? Just because they are in love…              Nah-ah !

This belief must be taken out from our lives and I’m not someone who imposes my thoughts  over other people, but this dangerous thought must not be fed to our brains.

There are criminals, who think that it’s right, and that’s how they end u being a criminal. What I would say is that No, not everything is fair in love and war. You can protect your loved ones to a certain limit, but not by doing something wrong(which also come under the part ‘everything’). Throw this thought away and do what is right.

Be a peacemaker, choose the path that is right and not the one that is easy. Don’t just believe everything. Listen/ read and then process. You are unique, you don’t have to live by the thoughts that have made the world a mess. Be a rebel.



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