The magic of thinking big

My latest read is ‘The magic of thinking big’. It is a nice book but what I realized while reading it is that I already knew all those things. We all know ALL THOSE THINGS but we don’t make effort to implement it in the right manner.

The most important thing that I learned was that we must always think good, the good memories that we have, good about our future whenever we get time to think, like while bathing or driving. What it does is, it makes our habit to think and respond in a positive good way and it keeps the negativity away.

I am trying this mantra and it seems to be working.It was also mentioned that our brain has a quality such that it remembers the bad things that happened with us more than the good ones. This gives one more reason to keep reminding ourselves of what good happened with us, it gives us straighten and makes us sure that we will pass through the storm.

The book is great for personal development and one must read it.


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