Magic of life

A lot can happen in a day. You might try to change things for years and they won’t but just a day can turn your life.

Talking about yesterday, I did mention what happened, and I don’t like fights, well, nobody likes fighting and it kinda shook my confidence too, so I was feeling very low during night.

Though I keep reading books on how to stay positive and all, but yesterday I tried controlling myself but tears just came out, I felt so lonely and then all of a sudden, my friend who by the way I think is in love with me and the same is from my side, texted me. We have not talking for months, because he is in a committed relationship and we both think it’s right not to talk.

So, he texted me and we talked whole night, I forgot about how I was feeling earlier and I was filled with joy. We only talked about weather, series and small things but it still made me so happy that I woke up with a smile in the morning.

This is the story how my horrible day turned into a good one. If you are having a rough time, just wait, something good is waiting for you at the border of your sorrow, just wait…



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