Being nice is hard

It was a hell of a crazy day  but I’m sure you’ll like reading about it.

So, it started as usual, only it was a birthday of a girl who once used to be my close friend, soon that friendship faded away and we started hating each other, though I tried to make peace thrice. But that was a long time back, and then there was this another girl, let’s call ’em X and Y respectively.

Y and I were friends too and soon I observed that she did not have regards for others feelings and did not used to think about others as long as she was provided with everything. I went on an internship with Y and lived with her in the same room for two months , that mean behavior of hers annoyed me and I decided to cut her out of my life. It’s been two years since then and we did not talk.

Soon these two X and Y became friends and I knew what connected them. Me………………     I saw various times on social media that they used to talk about me indirectly in a way that was obvious to me and my friends what it was about. I kept it quite and told myself that I’m satisfied with my life and friends that I have and don’t need to say anything to these people who by the way call themselves ‘classy, high-standard pretty girls, badass bitches’. Really. No kidding, they write this about themselves all the time.

So, back to today, today is X’s birthday and Y posted various photos where I was with them, writing ‘bitch swag’ on my face and captioning it as ‘kickass badass attitude’, and there was  one more pic too just like this one. I lost my cool and wrote something which I’m not really proud of but it was the same thing that they call themselves to be, and so the heat began, one another friend of theirs joined them and they fired at me calling that they have high standards and they are bitches who are sarcastic and don’t fight, and yet they were fighting with me.

So, I tried stopping it in the most gentle way possible, I told Y via personal message that we must end things on good terms. She said there is no ‘good terms’ in ending. ‘Ending is ending’. I was taken aback by her works and I said ‘O.K as you wish’.

And as it was X’s birthday and as always I tried being a nice person I said sorry to her and told her that I din’t mean to ruin her birthday and said the ‘good terms’ thing to her as well, she said she did’t wanna talk about it, well it was better than Y’s reply.

So, in the end I feel horrible, I feel horrible for being nice, for thinking that things can be solved if you talk about them, they said that they’ll keep posting whatever they want and not that it bothers me that much but I had to stand up for myself because if I won’t do it  then who will. And yes, I wished Y on her birthday too, not a long time ago, even when we weren’t talking, again for the sake of being a nice person. And now I think ‘what the hell’.


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