New Day

It is a new day, the beginning of new thoughts, the zeal to see what lies there for me began taking my mind in its world as the sun came up. It’s again a chance to be a better person, to be better what I have been till now.

The motive is to live to the fullest. The only thing that scares me is the thought of not experiencing the beautiful things that surround us, of not missing out what shouldn’t have been missed. It is not to live a mediocre life, it is not just to breath, not just to make money, but to be satisfied, to enjoy whatever I do every second.

The first cup of coffee in the morning is what I look for, it excites me, the thinking that I’m gonna do all day to be a better version fills me with energy and I get up and start living. I am in a competition with myself, everyday. I hope this keeps going on for life.


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