Norweigen Wood

I finished reading Norwegian wood by Haruki Murakami, but honestly I din’t like it, when I was reading it, it made me kinda depressed, there were suicides, physiological diseases with almost everyone related too the protagonist. And as I gave myself to the book, it din’t feel good, but I wasn’t able to leave it unfinished so I read it as fast as I could. It has been two days since then, and I have moved on to a different book but I can’t stop thinking about ‘Norwegian Wood’. Weird? Yes, that’s what I feel. Books does make an impact on us and then leave us wondering for a long time about it. I’m now selecting my books wisely, the ones that does effect but in a positive way.


2 thoughts on “Norweigen Wood

  1. morretti996 says:

    Norwegian Wood was the first book I read by Murakami. You’re right. While reading it even I felt depressed but after reading it, like after two three days I started appreciating the story man! I mean it was actually BRILLIANT.
    You can try some other books by Murakami – After Dark, Colourless life of Tsukara Tazaki :))))


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