Grown ups

When I was a 10-11 years old, I used to think how weak I am…I don’t know about anything but as long as I’m under the protection of my parents, nothing can go wrong, look at these grown ups, if I have any problem, I just have to go to them and tell about it, and they’ll have a solution to it.

Now after 12 years, I think I can put myself into the category of ‘Grown ups’ for whom I used to think that way before. But, I don’t feel any different, I still feel like that child. Nothing’s changed. Only when I see myself in a mirror, I see that years have passed. So, exactly when do we figure out life? Why did mom and dad were so mature at this age and I’m not? Could it be that they were just pretending to be strong just to make us feel comfortable? May be yes, may be they still are.

May be we’ll always be kids, only the years that pass, teach us to hide it all under a mask, every year makes the mask look more real and we show our real faces without the masks to our close ones. The child in us never dies, she is still afraid of the world, she still has got nothing figured out. But it’s time to put the mask and not let anyone know of our vulnerability.


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